Hi, I'm Kate!

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Hi, I'm Kate!

owner and principle photographer

I’m a Destination Wedding Photographer living in Cincinnati, OH focused on queer, non-binary, offbeat, unique and adventurous couples all over the globe.

I am a fan of Rhinegeist Brewing Company, river adventures with my sweet doggo, and bar/restaurant hopping around Over the Rhine. 

My goal in life is that everyone who enters my sphere becomes a lasting friend. I truly believe there’s nothing we cannot do while supporting and lifting one another up.


I work closely with Queen City Charities, the Metro Chamber and Power to Pursue to make our community a brighter and more inclusive space for everyone to live. 


Four truths and a lie: I am adopted. I am pansexual. I am addicted to movie theater popcorn. I grew up on a farm. My favorite movie is Wreck it Ralph.


My personality only has two modes:
Barbie & Oppenheimer
(Sometimes at the same time!)


I got married to my very best friend in 2023 and become an official bonus mom. Just call me Mama Kate!


I just love my sweet and cuddly rescue pups, Cholula Belle and Lily Waffles!


I want to make your wedding photography experience safer, easier and more beautiful at every turn.

“Swim with the swimmers, wrestle with the wrestlers, march in line with the firemen, and pause, listen, count.”

– Walt Whitman

Everyone loves a good origin story

The Heart Behind the Photos

How it Started

In 2007, while in college at California State University Chico, I started playing around with a camera I stole from a friend. I took it to a family Thanksgiving and chased around my cousins the whole time, snapping away. I really enjoyed the creative freedom it gave me and the joy it brought once I got the film developed. I never once considered that it might become a career! Although I had my degree in Psychology with a minor in child education and I taught for 3-4 years after college, I never felt truly fulfilled by it. 

Meanwhile, I was doing more and more photo shoots and realizing that I was spending more time on photos than I was at work and feeling WAY better about it so, eventually, I made the shift and decided to switch careers and become a legit photographer.  

How it's Going

Early on I started with grad photos and fashion photos. I eventually moved onto moved to engagements, that’s where I felt like I really started to come into my own. Obviously I LOVE people, I’m a huge empath, so being around people in love made me feel lovely and capturing that brought me a ton of joy so I knew that I had to continue to expand on that. 

When I transitioned to weddings I started learning from the best of the best. I took online classes, second shooting, networking, etc. and it really helped me grow into the true professional I am today. Since then, I’ve dabbled in wedding coordination in 2018 and have shot over 300+ weddings in my career. 

I feel privledged that I’m able to capture love in all its forms and between so many diverse couples.


Have Passport, Will Travel

I love to travel to shoot! I’ve been invited to shoot in Hawaii, The Jersey Channel Islands, England, Montana, Missouri, Australia and even ended up in China shooting a wedding in the Zhangjiajie National Forest park, where they filmed Avatar.

Favorite Travel Spot: Queenstown, New Zealand

That's me!

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Owner, Principle


Master Associate Photographer


master associate photographer


Principle Cinematographer

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