Maddie and Sean: Under The Sea

I’ve gotten to a point in my life where a handful of friends have entered the category of “people I’ve known longer than I have not known them”. I’m also at a rad age where everyone around me is getting married, having babies, and all around living their lives to the max. It’s an incredible time in everyone’s lives and it’s made even more magical, for me, by getting the chance to take part in some of my friend’s big events.

I’ve known Maddie since we were about 12 years old. We were amazingly awkward teenage band geeks at a summer camp in the woods when we first met. Nowadays we’re still both thriving artists just trying to make a living and stay sane. I was ecstatic when she reached out to me to shoot her wedding, and I was NOT disappointed with her plans.

It was beautifully foggy and cool when I arrived in Monterey to get some detail shots and capture everyone getting ready.

The bridal party got ready on separate floors, which was ADORABLE because the bride and groom kept yelling up and down the stairs to one another and chatting. Everyone was being ridiculous and having a TON of fun.

The neat set-up also gave me lots of access to both groups of the bridal party, which was super super convenient for me!

There was a tiny space in front of a window for Maddie to dress, but you’d better believe all her girls piled into the room to help!

Once she was dressed, we took a long moment just for her to embrace the feeling of truly and finally being a bride. I teared up looking at Maddie. You could not have asked for a more surreally gorgeous angel of a bride.

After everyone was dressed and ready, we headed over to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for a fun and airy first look out on the open sea balcony.

I can do a million first looks, but the look on the groom’s face when he sees his love will ALWAYS make me melt.

We had a few minutes to enjoy the ocean breeze and check out the otters in the Monterey Bay. It was cool and quiet and really really magical.

The ceremony was in front of the ‘Open Ocean’ exhibit and it was exactly as incredible as it sounds. There were literally LIVE FISH watching them tie the knot! It gave a whole new meaning to the term “wedding bubbly”!

After they made it official, we got free reign of the aquarium for a few more wet, fishy kisses. It was the most unique location I’ve ever shot in and their truly palpable love for one another could have filled an entire ocean.

We kept the PDA going, despite the peeping tom. 😉

Luckily we were able to head back outside with the incredibly silly bridesmaids and groomsmen for some super fun bridal party shots before the sun disappeared!

From then on it was go, go, go with a huge party in front of the otter tanks at the aquarium. I’ve never seen a wedding that was hovered over by a whale skeleton, but I’ve got to say, the aesthetic really worked!

Maddie and Sean, I am so unbelievably happy for you guys. I’m proud to have been able to capture your special and unbelievably unique day and I am looking forward to a lifetime of love and happiness for the both of you. 😊

About Kate

Kate Cohen (she/her) is an International LGBTQIA+ wedding photographer based in Northern California who is focused on storytelling, candid captures, and iconic portraits of couples all over the globe.

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