Taylor + Kris

December 9, 2022

A Black Tie LGBT Wedding at the Brazilian Room in Berkeley, California

Tell me how you got engaged!

Taylor: “Kris took me on a Valentine’s Day “hike” to get linked in photos (😂) in the Berkeley hills and it is one of my favorites because I grew up hiking it with my parents. Also, when my dad passed away we scattered his ashes there. We go to the spot and sit on a bench over looking the valley and while sitting there I see someone trying to take pictures and let Kris know that we’re probably in the way of a bird watcher or something. Kris brushed it off and walked over to the edge and asked me to come over. When I did she gave me her talked about why she loved and why we came there, and then got down in one knee and popped the question!

About Kate

Kate Cohen (she/her) is an International LGBTQIA+ wedding photographer based in Northern California who is focused on storytelling, candid captures, and iconic portraits of couples all over the globe.

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