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Best Engagement Locations in Cincinnati

It’s always a struggle to research your own engagement locations and pick the best one. Today, Katherine Elyse Media is sharing our expertise so you don’t have to! Below is a list of the best engagement locations in Cincinnati, both indoor and outdoor, to accent just about any vibe in any season. From greenery to exposed brick and stunning Cincinnati city skylines, there are spots for everyone to enjoy!

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Krohn Conservatory: Cincinnati’s Most Popular Engagement Location

Krohn Conservatory is filled with luscious gardens and greenhouse glass, making it the perfect spot for a romantic and relaxed/casual session among the foliage. It can be hot and humid, which is great for the Winter months but can get steamy during the Summer. Krohn charges a session fee of $150 to shoot throughout their gardens for an hour. No reservations are necessary, you pay upon entry, but you may want to check the website for special events that would prohibit photo sessions (butterfly show, holiday show, private events, etc.). The versatility and constant blooming beauty of Krohn makes it one of the absolute best engagement locations in Cincinnati!

Mt. Storm: Cincinnati’s Hidden Engagement Gem

Mt. Storm is one of the lesser known spots, but one of my absolute favorites for a few reasons: first, the collumned tower at the front of the park is extremely epic and reminiscent of beautiful Grecian architecture. It’s perfect for people who want structure but not the amount you find on city streets. Second, the view from the park is absolutely killer. Even on a stormy day, you could see for miles from the top of the grass. It really gives a sense of quiet seclusion. Finally, the trees are huge and the leaves are the most beautiful colors, especially in the Fall. We were on the hunt to capture the wide array of warm tones and this park did not disappoint! No list of engagement locations in Cincinnati would be complete without Mt. Storm.

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Cincinnati Music Hall & Washington Park: A Formal Engagement Location

The Cincinnati Music Hall and the adjacent Washington Park are the perfect spot for elegance, class, and a formality during your engagement in Cincinnati. The CMH is nearly 150 years old and hasn’t lost any of it’s magnificent vintage qualities. The red exposed brick will perfectly offset any formal gown or suit, making your photos feel like paparazzi images from years gone by. Washington Park is directly across the street and is filled with little pockets of gardens and flowers for you to round out your gallery with. Take a step back in time and flaunt it like a movie star in front of the music hall and throughout the park for a perfectly balanced classic session.

Mt. Airy Arboretum: Cincinnati’s Botanical Engagement Paradise

Mt. Airy provided of the of most stunning golden hours I have seen in Cincinnati thus far, making it a sure fire hit on the list of engagement locations in Cincinnati. Large trees, lush greenery, and beautiful blooms fill the space that is generally used for weddings and events. The stone paths remind me of a proper English garden and the park is generally quiet, creating a sense of intimacy for you shoot. Remember to check their website for private events that may affect availability and be ready to walk on a bit of uneven terrain if you’re looking to explore deeper into the park.

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Sharon Woods: Hamilton County’s Forest Escape Location

Sharon Woods proved to be one of the most diverse locations to shoot with creeks, bridges, small waterfalls, and plenty of beautiful trees. Nothing say romance quite like a cozy walk through this European inspired wood. If you loved Robin Hood as much as I did as a kid, you’ll love adventuring on the stone paths and into the creek bed beneath (weather/season depending). Fall provided golden sunshine to match the lovely leaves and just enough water to lend some texture to the photos. As with the other spaces, this is a public park, but we barely ran into anyone during our visit making for a truly special experience as your engagement location in Cincinnati.

Smoke Justis: A Classic Indoor Engagement Location

Did you know that Cincinnati’s favorite BBQ & Bourbon bar doubles as the perfect snuggly engagement location in Cincinnati when the weather outside is frightful? Smoke Justis provided a gorgeous glowing bar space with large well lit windows and yummy cocktails as props. It’s great to know that this indoor option is available when temps start to plummet and the rain is pouring down. With classic suede and leather furniture and an expansive bourbon bar, SJ is great for a snug and cheerful indoor session. Anything from casual to formal attire would look awesome in the space, just make sure to ask ahead to confirm they’ve got the time and availability to let you in before the back bar opens.

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We hope you enjoyed Katherine Elyse Media‘s list of the best engagement locations in Cincinnati! If you’ve got spots that didn’t make the list, send us a message on Instagram and let us know!

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