Today we will be covering where the heck to even begin when starting your planning

Wedding Planning – Part 2


Wondering what Wedding Wednesday is all about? Find out on the blog today!

What the Heck is Wedding Wednesday?


This week we’re going to go over some of the pros of each sized event, some of the cons you’ll want to consider, and how to go about making sure your day is perfect no matter what size.

Wedding Wednesday: Episode 6 – Large vs. Small Events & LGBTQIA+ Resources


We’re covering the most fun topic to dish about but the LEAST fun to deal with when you’re planning your wedding… DRAMA!

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Day Drama


Why is Wedding Photography so Expensive? Let’s chat about exactly what it is you’re paying for when you hire a true professional photographer

Wedding Wednesday: Why is Wedding Photography so Expensive?


In this blog, we’re going to be talking about Wedding Traditions: things we can keep, things we can adjust, and things that need to stay in the past where they belong.

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Traditions to Keep or Toss


This week we’re taking a look and how to find the absolute best vendors for your day. There’s a lot to consider when putting together your Tune Squad style Dream Team, so bust out a pen and paper and we’ll go through ways to make this complicated process a whole lot easier!

Wedding Wednesdays: Choosing Awesome Vendors!


Today we’ll be covering where the heck to even begin when starting your planning process. We’ll do a deep dive into the most important things to take into consideration first and foremost to ensure a smooth and seamless planning adventure!

Wedding Wednesdays: Where Do I Even Begin Planning?!?


Come check out my Wedding Wednesday Blog; a bi-weekly written series covering all things wedding planning and wedding photography!

Wedding Wednesdays


I hop online each week with a tasty brew to chat about an array of topics surrounding your wedding planning and how to make everything as awesome as you ever imagined. WEEK 2: Where Do I Even Begin???

Wedding Wednesdays!


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