KEP x Oak Park Brewing x Paint the Globe Foundation

Oak Parking Brewing has chosen my art, entitled ‘THE CENTER OF EVERYTHING’, to be printed on one of the limited edition 6 pack cans in collaboration with the Paint the Globe Foundation.


To Be Me: Kate

It’s taken me three years to figure out how to frame up my own contribution to my TO BE series. I finally got it figured out, and boy oh boy, is it a doozy. I hope you connect with it, find strength in it, I hope you know me better because of it.


Happy New Year!

The new year is here! While I understand it’s simply another Wednesday and nothing has truly changed since yesterday, it feels like a very transformative time; even more so that years past because of the changing of the decade. It’s time to transcend to the next version of ourselves. Today marks the pinnacle of a […]


Oh, They Call it that Good Old Sugarloaf Station!

I’ve been going to Sugarloaf since 2001, making this my 18th year there. I started as a camper, graduated up to a counselor, and somehow weaseled my way into an amazing staff position with a crew of boundlessly talented individuals. Sugarloaf is better than Christmas. It’s a haven of love, art, and creativity that comes […]


Sugarloaf: Home Away From Home

Every year for the past 17 years I’ve made the trek up Highway 50 into the mountains to the place I, and many others, call home. It’s a simple grouping of cabins where I learned who I was as a teen; where lifelong friends were made over the years; where the smell of mountain misery […]

Personal, Portraits

May Fourth

Today is a special day. Not for any reason big and popular or having to do with Carrie Fisher (though I have to admit, I think she’d approve of my day). No, dear friends… today is my dog’s birthday. And I am excited beyond comprehension to combine my love for my little moo-pig and my […]


First Blog Post: A Brief History of Me

Well, it’s happened. I’ve finally started an official Katherine Elyse Photography blog! Now, I’ve done this in the past, started writing with no rhyme, reason, or plan. But now, NOW I am doing it the right way. I’ve got a list and everything. With this fool proof plan I can’t possibly fail! (Knock on SO […]

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