Charlie and Roman are trans cancer survivors, artists, and activists that sat down with me for a little Q&A for my “To Be” series. I had a blast chatting with them so check out the full convo in To Be Trans: Charlie and Roman.

To Be Trans: Charlie and Roman


Fill your soul with warmth and joy by checking out David and Maritza’s golden hour Ruth Bancroft Garden Maternity Session.

David and Maritza’s Ruth Bancroft Garden Golden Hour Maternity Session


Meet Maia! They’re gendervoid quoriomantic, demi/noeti/bisexual and ready to tell you all about it. 🙂

To Be Queer: Maia


The Palacios family came into my life for a Give Back Session in the early Fall of 2018 and I am so incredibly grateful to have met them and captured a small part of their journey. When Jackie first reach out, we spoke candidly about the fact that her strong, hard-working, smart, loving husband had […]

Rafael: The Real-Life Superman


A little over a year ago I was sitting in my apartment crying with absolute joy as Sarah and Ryan sent me photo after photo of their perfect little rainbow baby Jackson. He was such a long-time coming and instantly SO loved. I’ve never seen a happier couple than them on that day. This summer, our […]

Sarah, Ryan, & Baby Jackson


This is Torrie I met Torrie a few years back at a wedding I was shooting. We hit it off during our time together on the day and stayed in contact on social media over the years, encouraging one another as friends from a distance and watching one another grow and flourish. After a time […]

To Be a Warrior: Torrie


Sometimes life throws us curveballs we struggle to understand. Karen was diagnosed with cancer during her pregnancy with her son.  This was her third and final baby and she was shocked to find out she would have to give up breastfeeding early and instead begin chemo. She underwent treatment after soon he was born and, […]

Karen: A Survivor Story


One day this past Spring I was working on some editing when my friend Julia texted me to tell me she was EXTRA excited because her friend Sarah had just told her she was pregnant. And even more exciting and flabbergasting? Sarah’s twin sister Julia had just told her that she was, in fact, pregnant […]

Sister Sister: Double Baby Trouble!


August is National Family Month (who knew??) and I’m looking to celebrate all the wonderful families I’ve worked with in the past and will work with in the future! This month, I’m running a fun promotion to entice some new families to join the KEP family! If you book your family photoshoot during the month […]

August: Happy National Family Month!


Today is a special day. Not for any reason big and popular or having to do with Carrie Fisher (though I have to admit, I think she’d approve of my day). No, dear friends… today is my dog’s birthday. And I am excited beyond comprehension to combine my love for my little moo-pig and my […]

May Fourth

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