Fill your soul with warmth and joy by checking out David and Maritza’s golden hour Ruth Bancroft Garden Maternity Session.

David and Maritza’s Ruth Bancroft Garden Golden Hour Maternity Session


One day this past Spring I was working on some editing when my friend Julia texted me to tell me she was EXTRA excited because her friend Sarah had just told her she was pregnant. And even more exciting and flabbergasting? Sarah’s twin sister Julia had just told her that she was, in fact, pregnant […]

Sister Sister: Double Baby Trouble!


Although I focus a lot of my time and energy on weddings and engagements, there’s just something about kids and families that I can’t quite pull away from. I love hearing giggles as I direct mom and dad into a tickle fight, I love watching parents melt next to me as their kiddo gives me […]

New Life, New Beginnings: A Lush Green Spring Family Maternity Session in the East Bay


In honor of this gorgeous mama-to-be surpassing her due date by a FULL WEEK, I wanted to get this amazing snowy Tahoe maternity session up on the blog! (It’ll give you something to read when you go into labor Amanda! lol) Amanda and I met at a bridal show in Berkeley in February. I know […]

Amanda and Andrew {2017}


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